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Now What?!?

created specifically for the Unemployed and Under-employed.

This invaluable tool focuses on all three major issues: financial, psychological and landing a new job.

If you’ve lost your job OR are having trouble making ends meet due to under-employment, get the upper hand. You can. This book shows you how.

Laid Off Now What, Thriving Financially Through Unemployment
shows you how to:
  • Cut your expenses significantly;
  • Get the most money due you and find hidden money you didn’t know you had;
  • Handle creditors effectively;
  • Enable you to navigate foreclosures or evictions;
  • Shave months off your job search with proven strategies;
  • Avoid falling into depression and apathy;
  • Recognize and avoid the most common scams targeting the Unemployed and Under-employed.

And much, much more!

Included are tips for avoiding depression without drugs.  Making money whilst unemployed, scripts for dealing with creditors, information about government programs available to help you, hidden sources for jobs, how to stand out with employers, the latest trends in finding a job and where to shop to stretch your budget and other things you can do to minimize costs, reduce stress and maximize your efforts in landing your next job.

Now What?!?

Book 1: Thriving Financially Through Unemployment

Available for Kindle, Nook, Blackberry, IPad, Sony Reader, Palm and other popular e-book readers or in Paperback.

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If you choose the Paperback version, you will receive a digital version to download tonight so you can start taking control of your life in just five minutes.


Purchase today and you will receive two free gifts! The original version of Laid Off Now What, (Thriving Financially replaces section one in the original book) AND Acting Coach to the Star's, Thom McFadden's Guide to Self-actualization.  Learn how to use the tips and tricks Hollywood's best actors use to project confidence and convince audiences with their body language, tone of voice and posture. 

Whether in dating or a job interview, learn how to project the winner you are in any situation!

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Original Laid Off,
Now What?!?

which includes dealing with the psychological issues of Unemployment and Job seeking tricks that get you the job fast!

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Exclusive gift:

-the insider skills and tactics to change the direction of your life, career and job search.

(a $4.95 value). 

Most importantly as a reference book, something you can turn to as new issues arise, Laid Off Now What Thriving Financially Through Unemployment puts you in control of your life and your career.  This reference manual takes the scary out of one of the most stressful periods in any persons life.

Most people who are unemployed or under-employed make the same five mistakes in their first few monthsand it costs them big time. These five mistakes are:

  1. Losing out on the maximum unemployment benefits due them.
  2. Missing out on the prime jobs that are available by not looking in the right place.
  3. Disqualifying themselves from great opportunities through social media by posting the wrong information.
  4. Relying on mega job sites and resume submissions
  5. Not adjusting their insurance rates and other bills to reflect their situation

This last mistake costs the average unemployed person more than $250 a month, money that you are paying out to corporations that you don’t need to. The first mistake can mean hundreds of extra dollars a month in unemployment compensation. The other three, can mean the difference between landing a job in the next couple months or joining the 99er’s club and eventually losing your benefits. In Laid Off Now What Thriving Financially Through Unemployment I teach you how to avoid these mistakes and when possible, reverse them.

"Laid Off Now What? is about being Proactive in Unemployment and
taking back your life for good!"

Michael, Seattle, WA


FACT: The longer you are unemployed, the harder it becomes to get a job. Increasingly employers are placing employment ads stating: “Long-term unemployed need not apply”. How do you get around this?  How do you get employers to look at you when you haven’t had a job in three, six, nine months or even two years?

It’s all about perception and it starts with your correspondences and social media postings. Do this right, and employers will begin to contact you.  People will recommend you and opportunities will come your way.  Do this wrong and you’ll be written off, ignored and labeled. In Laid Off Now What Thriving Financially Through Unemployment, I show you how to do this.

These are insider tips from people who’ve lived through unemployment and prospered. There is not another book out there like this.  Laid Off Now What Thriving Financially Through Unemployment is the must-have 'owner's manual' for anyone thrust into the unemployment circus. The book is structured so each chapter stands alone. Read what you need and bypass the rest.

Need a Job?

Even in cities where the unemployment is over 12%, we were able to find, interview and secure a $20 an hour job in 5-days using these proven techniques.  It took us four months to secure an executive position, (Director of Marketing), but just 20-days from first contact to offer letter in April 2009 in Los Angeles.

Are you tired of sending out hundreds of resumes and getting no response?  Stop wasting your time. Let me show you what works. You don't need to work harder, just smarter.


"Within 3 weeks of following Laura's advice I had an offer!"

"I was desperate for a job and had been out of work for 2 years.  Boy was I doing it wrong! Within 3 weeks of following Laura's advice for White Collar Professionals I had an offer!"

Jenna, White Plains, NY


You can be working, (not necessarily in your chosen profession but at least bringing money in) within the next 3-6 weeks if you know the secrets.  The first thing you must know is DO NOT GO THROUGH HUMAN RESOURCES if you want a good job fast.  The purpose of human resources in the job search is to disqualify you, not help you.  HR works for the company, not the job seeker. Unfortunately, bypassing HR is increasingly harder to do given the Patriot Act and its cousin. So what do you do?  The third book (2011) of Laid Off Now What explains in easy to follow language what you need to do to get to the right person, and get that interview. With your purchase today, I'm including the original version of Laid Off Now What with an entire section devoted to job-seeking and interview getting skills. The new book,  Laid Off Now What Thriving Financially Through Unemployment replaces section one of the original book covering financial issues.

In Laid Off, Now What?!? Thriving Financially, we cover all the major financial issues you may run into. We give you a few tips so you don't waste your time or money on unproductive tools.  Get your money in order first.  Then fear will not control you.

"Lots of relevant info.
Tons of resources. I refer back to it all the time!"
RL reader (CA)

What about the mind games?

By far the worse thing about being unemployed is the mind games!  How do you maintain your self-esteem?  What do you do when the "What if " game has you terrified of the future?  How can you feel like a winner when you're terrified?  Book two is all about the psychological issues. The tools are all here.  Use our little attitude adjustments and psychological fortifiers to get back on your game and project the winner you really are!


I wrote this book because I've been there where you are right now.  Terrified, broke, unemployed and frightened.  Everything I've learned over the past twenty-five years, what works and what doesn't, I've included in this book.  I've interviewed hundreds of job seekers, human resources professionals, hiring managers, (I've also been a hiring manager in this market), coaches, recruiters and executives to gather additional inside information. This book is designed to save you time, ease your frustration and both save and make you money by getting rid of the learning curve and giving you the tactics, tools and skills that work.


In Summary, these are the key issues covered by Laid Off Now What Thriving Financially Through Unemployment


a) What you need to do now: 16 key steps to take the minute you think or know you may lose your job.  Do these steps and you'll shave 3-6 months off your job search!

b)  Bringing income in without jeopardizing your unemployment benefits

c)  Stretching what you have: Where to shop to get the best buys on products

d)  Hanging on to your assets: prioritizing and identifying what's worth what

e)  Protecting your key relationships including marriage

f)   Safeguarding your health and that of your family

g)  Anticipating and planning for best-and worst-case scenarios

h)   Dealing with collection agencies: What to do and how to get them off your back legally.

i)    What to do if you can't pay your rent or mortgage

j)    Directory of temporary employment agencies including what they specialize in and who uses them.

k) What to do if you can't pay your rent or mortgage Options if losing your home becomes reality

l)   Online social networks, an introduction and outline of the top10 tools

m) Identifying and avoiding the most prolific scams targeting the unemployed

n)   Hidden income you may not realize you have

o) Trends including which job-seeking tools not to waste your time and money on.

p) Background information on why this recession is so deep and factors to watch so you'll know when it will end.

q) What to do if your unemployment runs out and you've got no money left


Plus much, much more.  Book one, which you can purchase right now and be reading in five minutes, includes summaries of key tactics presented in books two and three covering dealing with the psychological issues of unemployment AND finding a job quickly. 


"Tons of information on how to succeed. A Must Read!"

"Laid off Now What? goes straight to the heart of the matter and shows you how to get creditors off your back, deal with landlords and potential evictions as well as dozens of ways to find income and hidden money while unemployed. Miss Lewis does an excellent job of informing you about scams targeting the unemployed, how to use social networks to find a job and what tools are out there. This book is a road map on getting back into the workforce. Tons of information on how to succeed. A Must Read!"

Thom McFadden "Author Acting for Real" 


Make me a Deal, Laura!

Listen, I know your money is tight right now. That's why I kept the price of incredible resource in its digital version below ten dollars. I could have done like other resume, cover letter and interviewing books/programs and charged $49 or $69 for this. It would have attracted the major affiliate players with that kind of payout. But that's not why I wrote the book.

I wrote it to help people get back to work.  I wrote it for you, hoping to save you some of the frustration I encountered learning all this the hard way. I also wanted to make this resource affordable for the average person. In most cases, simply getting this book and using just one of the money saving tips will deliver 10 to 700 times that amount in cost savings or increased income. That's money in your pocket you are wasting and paying to corporations that don't need it.  You do. I show you how to keep as much as possible and where to spend it for the best deals when you must. In fact I am so sure you will find Laid Off Now What Thriving Financially Through Unemployment so useful that I am backing it with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Take Laid Off Now What for a test drive
with your FREE copy of 16 Critical Steps for the Unemployed

Okay, bend my arm. I'll sweeten the deal even more. I want you to succeed, get your life back and find a job you will sincerely love.  I'm giving you an abridged version of Chapter One: 16 Critical Steps for the Unemployed, just for visiting this site today. This resource book allows helps you get organized whilst addressing the key issues and considerations you will encounter in your first few months of unemployment. Of course there is a catch...

If you like what you read, if you find it helpful or know someone who could benefit from this book, please tell them. Talk about it on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Linked In. Help me get the word out. The sooner we can get everyone who wants to work back to work, the sooner we all will do better.

And if you really, really like it, and find it totally helpful and interesting, I hope you'll come back here, send me your success story and comments and of course and by the whole book. Or go to Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, or Borders and buy it, or bug your library to get a copy so people can read it for free....Yes, I know. Shameless. You get the idea.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for visiting and you can purchase below or skip over to your right and get the test drive version. Have an amazing week and come back and visit us again!


Laura Dawn Lewis

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Take Laid Off Now What for a test drive

with your FREE copy of
16 Critical Steps for the Unemployed
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